Comic Book Grading Process

CGC Comic Book grading process uses a proven, multi-step process that is designed to ensure accuracy, consistency and integrity while safeguarding your valuable comics. 

SportsCards Canada Inc.
Official Drop-Off Centre For CGC Grading

1. Drop-off's

A SportsCards Canada Inc. employee will help you select the appropriate services for your comics. In most cases, you will select a CGC grading tier. You can also choose to add CCS services such as pressing, CGC custom labels and other services.

2. Shipping

When CGC Receives our Submission, it is opened by a trained staff under security cameras and immediately checked against the submission paperwork. The submissions then entered into CGC's propriety tracking system with a unique submission number.

3. Verifying

Each collectible gets a more detailed review to confirm that its description matches the information provided by the submitter. A unique ID and barcode is assigned to track the collectible throughout the CGC grading process.

4. Validating

Comic Books are stored in the CGC vault until they are ready to be reviewed for authenticity. If a card is determined to be genuine, it will be graded according to the industry-standard CGC grading scale.

5. Grading

Grading is a team effort, with multiple CGC professionals examining every comic to ensure accuracy and consistency. CGC's grades enter a grade for each comic into CGC's computer system. A consensus is then reached

6. Holder

The Holder design uses precise pressure to sonically seal the comic in place. Grade & discripition are Inserted into a crystal-clear holder with a certifacation number. Security features are in the holder & label.

7. Reviewed

A Quality Control specialist carefully inspects the comic. CGC label and CGC holder. All of the certification details are reviewed for accuracy and the holder is checked for defects.

8. Shipping

Comic books are individually counted and checked against the original submission paperwork. Comic's are then securely packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with void-filling materials for extra safety.

9. Pick-Up's

When your comics arrive at SportsCards Canada Inc. Retail Outlet Store, A staff member will reach out by phone call and by email to inform you that your comics are at the store and ready for pick-up.

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