2022-23 Upper Deck – Series 2 Hockey Tin

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Series 2 hosts the next 250 cards of the 2022-23 Upper Deck Base Set – 200 new veterans and 50 new Young Guns®, the most anticipated rookie cards of the year! Look for two of these cherished cards in every tin, on average. More Overlay Sets! Series 2 also features the continuation of these insert sets which originated with Series 1. The Series 2 portion of three of these overlay sets feature only rookies!

Box Configuration

  • 8 cards per pack, 8 packs per tin + 1 Exclusive O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookies Bonus Pack


  • Grab one 3-card O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookie Pack per Tin
  • Look for at least 2 Young Guns per Tin (on average)
  • Find rare Rookie Materials Retro Memorabilia cards

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Original price was: $39.95.Current price is: $24.95.

Availability: In stock

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Product Description


Exclusive Offering! Every tin contains an exclusive O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookies three-card bonus pack. Collect the next 10 cards of the regular set as well as the Copper and Gold parallel sets!

Here is the rundown:

  • Orange Dazzlers: Since its debut in 2020-21, this brightly-colored collection of popped-out, full-bodied players has been a big hit! Collect the next 50 cards of the 2022-23 set, which feature only rookies. The Orange versions are exclusive to the tins and fat packs! Look for one per tin, on average.
  • Honor Roll®: The next 50 cards of this classic insert set feature only rookies.
  • UD Canvas®: Collect 90 new star veterans and 30 new Young Guns®, as well as 15 High Series Retired and 15 High Series Program of Excellence cards. Each tin contains one of the popular UD Canvas® cards, on average.
  • UD Portraits Rookies: Collect the next 40 cards (including 10 SP’s) in this long-running favorite!

New! Series 2 also boasts a handful of intriguing new insert sets, highlighted by the following:

  • Calder Candidates: This brand new set features the available rookies who are widely considered to be 2022-23 Calder Memorial Trophy candidates. Look for rare Gold parallels.
  • Greetings From: Each card in this set highlights the city or state in which each NHL team plays. Collect the regular set and the rare Gold parallel.
  • Purple Highlighters: Highlighters is a brightly-colored PETG insert featuring players who produced a top 2021-22 season highlight. The purple versions are a Retail-SKU exclusive!
  • Instant Impressions: This is a photo-dominant set designed to resemble an instant photo from the pre-Smartphone days.
  • Lunch Box Legends: The design of these cards hearkens back to the lunch boxes of the 1970’s – the pinnacle of lunch box popularity. The 30-card set features many of the biggest names in the League today. Keep an eye out for rare Gold parallels.
  • World Juniors Grads: Each card in this set features a player who once played in the World Juniors on the classic 1992-93 Upper Deck World Juniors Grads design! Look for rare Gold parallels.

Memorabilia! Add some rookie year memorabilia to your collection via the Rookie Materials Retro set. Each card boasts a current star player alongside a player-worn jersey swatch from his rookie campaign. Both are featured on the classic 2005-06 Rookie Materials design. Look for Patch parallels #’d to just 15! Both sets are Retail-SKU exclusive!

22-23 UD Series 1 Hockey Card Breakdown*

Tin-Exclusive 2022-23 O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookies Bonus Pack!

O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookies – 3:1 (2:1 when a Bronze or Gold parallel card falls)

O-Pee-Chee Glossy Rookies – Copper Parallel or Gold Parallel – 1:3

Young Guns Cards

Young Guns – 1:4

UD Canvas Young Guns – 1:48

More Rookie-Specific Cards

Calder Candidates (New!) – 1:37

Calder Candidates – Gold Parallel (New!) – 1:739

Dazzlers – Orange (Tin & Fat Pack Exclusive!) – 1:8

Honor Roll – 1:12

UD Portraits Rookies – 1:14

UD Portraits SP Rookies – 1:120

Non-Rookie-Specific Insert Cards

Day With The Cup – 1:2500

Greetings From (New!) – 1:15

Greetings From – Gold Parallel (New!) – 1:300

Highlighters – Purple (Retail Exclusive!) – 1:144

Instant Impressions (New!) – 1:24

Lunch Box Legends (New!) – 1:16

Lunch Box Legends – Gold Parallel (New!) – 1:320

Rookie Materials Retro (Retail Exclusive!) – 1:144

Rookie Materials Retro – Patch Parallel (Retail Exclusive!) – #’d to 15

UD Canvas – 1:8

UD Canvas High Series Retired – 1:192

UD Canvas Program of Excellence – 1:192

World Juniors Grads (New!) – 1:20

World Juniors Grads – Gold Parallel (New!) – 1:384

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